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When your Brooklyn apartment needs to be spruced up, you may consider painting its interior. Since you may not own your place, adding a new coat of paint is the least expensive and most non-permanent way to change the look and feel of your home. Professional apartment painters can help. If you want to save time and get perfect results, the experts at Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering should be your first choice. We specialize in all types of residential painting jobs, including townhomes, apartments, and condos.


Service Goals

At Shamrock, service is our specialty. We want to make sure that our work serves your needs. Our team meets with you and listens to your needs so that results surpass your expectations. We want to transform your apartment so that it reflects your taste and style. Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we are familiar with the newest techniques and use the best equipment so that your apartment ends up looking better than ever. Besides painting, we can satisfy your wallpapering needs as well.

Wallpaper Options

Although many people feel that wallpaper is outdated, there are a number of patterns and styles that can bring some modern flair into any space. Unfortunately, wallpaper can be difficult to install for the average person. Luckily, our team can quickly remove existing wallpaper, suggest a new design, and recommend paint accents that will make you your space look its best. Wallpaper is a smart choice to cover walls with imperfections. Also, it provides a surface that is simple to clean. We save you time from measuring, cutting, and hanging. Let us help you make a bold statement in your apartment.

Painting Your Kitchen

Thanks to cabinets and tight corners, a kitchen can be a difficult room to paint. Choosing a color can be challenging as well. Also, you must understand the paint that holds up to food splatters and spills. At Shamrock, our team uses the best materials and equipment to cover each one of your walls. We may be able to paint your cabinets as well. In the end, your kitchen will have updated appeal that is easy to keep clean.

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Painting Your Bathroom

A bathroom is often filled with moisture. Therefore, it is vital to select the right paint that will withstand the damp conditions. It is essential to choose supplies that resist mold and mildew. Since you want to avoid paint splatters on your tub, shower, and sink, it is wise to leave the painting work to the professionals.

Painting Your Living Room

A living room is a space where you and your family spend a great deal of time. You want to create a relaxing environment. We use our expertise to help you select a paint color that brings a Zen feeling. Since this room is usually filled with furniture, it is essential to remove all of the pieces before starting the job. It is important to keep things neat and clean. After we help you choose the perfect color, we will apply the paint quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to worry about climbing ladders to reach your ceilings or other high areas. Our team uses equipment and techniques that keep us safe.

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Painting Ideas for Your Apartment

Since apartments are commonly smaller than independent homes, it may seem like painting the interiors should be simpler. However, it is essential to carefully select and to apply the right paint in the spaces. Choosing the right color can make an apartment seem larger. Besides delivering streak-free results, our team can bring a welcoming feel to your space. It will look clean, fresh, and brand new.

Kinds of Paint

The biggest decision you will need to make is the finish that you desire. There are matte, gloss, and satin shine options. Flat paint is smooth and is most often used in low-traffic areas. It requires less coats, and it is easy to touch up. If you prefer gloss paint, you should be prepared for more work. For beautiful results, multiple coats are necessary. Our expert team is ready for all challenges. We will recommend the right type of paint for your needs and will apply it without hassle.

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When you are looking for apartment painters near Park Slope, Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering is at your service. With over two decades of experience, we understand how to complete each job in a timely manner and within budget. We save you from potential harm, especially with tough jobs. Each one of our painters are insured, which means that you are protected in times of accidents. We are committed to delivering top service, and we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction. When you are selecting a team of professional painters, Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering is a top choice. We know that you expect high-quality workmanship. "We paint your home like it is our own." For a free estimate, contact us today.

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