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New York City's brownstones are among America's architectural and historic treasures. And, if you live in one of these majestic buildings, it's surely a personal treasure for you. Keeping your brownstone looking its best, however, calls for the utmost care, proper repairing and restoration skills of the highest quality. Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering has that skill and experience when it comes to townhouse painting.


Brownstones, of course, are those delightful townhouses that began appearing in New York early in the 1800s. Some were brick with facades made out of brownstone, which is a kind of sandstone. Others were made completely from brownstone.


Most of the brownstones that are still standing can be found in northern New Jersey, in certain Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Park Slope, and in Manhattan. Manhattan's brownstones are largely in Harlem, the Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side.


Let's take a look now at what interior painting can do for such a residential property and what to seek in the painters you hire.

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The Benefits of Interior Paint

When you paint the inside walls of your brownstone, you're doing more than updating its appearance. You're also protecting your home and boosting its overall value.


For one thing, moisture can be a major problem for townhouses. If water droplets from rain and snow keep leaking into your walls, mildews, molds, and other potentially harmful fungi can thrive. Even worse, over time, your home could suffer serious structural damage.


Fortunately, new paint helps to block moisture from seeping into walls. It can also keep dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles away, making those surfaces more sanitary.


Then there are the aesthetics. Paint can refresh or totally change the look of an entire room. It could add layering or a pleasing contrast, or it could establish a bold new pattern.


Depending on the colors you choose, you could drastically alter the mood. For example, cool colors often make a room feel more tranquil, while warm hues add energy.


Paint can even make a room look smaller or larger than it really is. For instance, to make a room appear more spacious, try painting the ceiling in a color that's lighter than the walls' color. On the other hand, if you'd like a room to seem more compact, painting the ceiling darker than the walls could produce that effect.


You can also use paint to create an accent wall. An accent wall is different from the other walls in a room in terms of its color, pattern, or design. With the right color choice, your accent wall could draw attention to a corner or an object that you wish to highlight. It can add a splash of visual flair, too.


Indeed, with interior painting, you can make a room seem more old-fashioned or more modern, cozier or more exciting. The options are virtually limitless. One thing is for sure, though: An excellent paint job will make a room look cleaner, fresher, and even more attractive.

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Finding the Right Interior Painters

If you want to hire townhouse painting professionals for your NYC brownstone, you need pros you can have confidence in. We'd like to tell you why we at Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering are such painters.


For starters, we've been in business for more than 20 years, and we're fully insured. We specialize in painting urban homes and all other types of interior residential painting.


Our interior painters have townhouse painting and wallpapering experience.  We're familiar with every type of paint and wallpaper, and we recognize the unique properties of each one. Likewise, we're well-versed when it comes to the latest, most advanced painting methods and equipment. Plus, we all have extensive hands-on experience.

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Especially important, our record of customer service is superb. In part, that's because we always finish our projects on time and within the budget. It's also due to our careful preparation, our beautiful brushstrokes, our competitive pricing, and the way we clean up completely after each assignment.


Not to mention, we treat every customer with great respect. The process starts with a consultation and a free estimate. If a homeowner chooses to go forward with us, we'll work out a convenient painting schedule.


On top of that, we offer every client a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Also, at every worksite, our townhouse painters are friendly and considerate at all times.


Whether it's located in Manhattan or elsewhere in NYC, we know that you cherish your brownstone. And, when we're painting your home, we'll cherish it as well. There's a reason why "We Paint Your Home Like It Was Our Own" is our company slogan. That's really how we feel.


Because we take such care with our painting projects, we never rush our work. Rather, we make sure that our results are as smooth, even, and alluring as possible.


At the same time, we won't take any longer than we have to. We know it can be uncomfortable to have work going on inside your home, and it's certainly inconvenient when certain rooms are inaccessible. That's why our townhouse painters do their jobs in an energetic and highly efficient manner.


If you'd like to freshen up, enliven, or utterly transform your residential interior, our brownstone painters are more than up to the challenge. Please give us a call at any time. Together, we can figure out which colors, patterns, and types of paint would best suit your property. That way, you can put another personal stamp on an important piece of Americana, your magnificent brownstone home.

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