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Is your office in need of a makeover? Perhaps you want to rebrand, create a cheerier or cooler feel inside the office or simply apply a fresh coat of paint. For all your office painting needs, Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering is here to help. Our contractors can turn your visions and ideas into reality without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Painting Your Office

Whether you have a multi-room office building or one large, open space, paint can be beneficial for several reasons. One of the biggest benefits is its aesthetic appeal. If you have customers who come into your office, paint can make them feel more comfortable. Depending on the color you choose, paint can help people feel happiness, calmness or another emotion. For example, if you have a medical office where you counsel people with anxiety, you may choose a muted or cool color. If you have an area of the office where some employees complain that work feels monotonous, you may decide to paint the walls warmer colors to boost their mood. There are plenty of possibilities for your goals and preferences.

Paint also has practical benefits. It helps protect the walls and surfaces. If your office is normally humid, peeling or cracking paint can create spaces where mold and mildew grow. As the paint continues to peel and chip, moisture can damage the walls. Also, bacteria can grow in these areas. If your office is in a medical building, it is especially important to be mindful of bacteria. There are special antimicrobial paints that are ideal for people who need to keep surfaces as clean as possible.

There are also branding-related benefits with painting. If you know that your brand is weak or is still new, paint can be an excellent way to strengthen it. Using the right paint color or scheme can reflect your brand. If you are establishing a new brand, choosing specific colors can help your business become more recognizable. A strong brand inspires confidence, and the value of public perception can be worth much more than the investment of painting your office.

Office Painting Process: What To Expect

When our painters handle an office painting project for a business, they start by offering a free estimate. The office painters examine the property, and they learn more about its current condition, your needs and your design preferences. They can recommend the right type of paint for your needs, such as matte for large surfaces or glossy for smaller surface areas that you want to look shiny. Our team works with you to find a time to paint. Before the project, if you need to move any equipment, furniture or other items, the painters will notify you. They are careful to cover everything and protect your fixtures or belongings during the painting process.

Once they tape and cover everything that needs to be protected, they start preparing the surfaces for painting. Preparatory steps can vary based on the current condition of the walls. For example, if you have wallpaper or another wallcovering, they remove that first. The painters may scrape and strip old paint that is peeling. They may sand uneven areas to make them smoother, and they can fill holes and patch minor cracks. The goal is to make the wall as smooth as possible for a seamless look when it is painted.

After the walls are completely ready, the next step is cleaning away any residue. Removing debris and dust helps prevent premature cracking or chipping of the paint. Our office painting contractors apply primer after they prepare the walls. This helps the paint adhere and prevents a stained or uneven look after the paint is applied. After priming, the next step is applying coats of paint until the walls look seamless. Commercial office painting contractors know how to choose the right type and finish of paint for different substrates to achieve an excellent result. After the painting is complete, the painters clean up, remove protective coverings and inspect the results.

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Finding Professional Office Painters in Bronx

Hiring a professional for your needs is important to ensure a seamless result that you can trust. If paint is not applied correctly, it can wear out prematurely. Also, non-professionals may not know the right methods of paint application or types of paint to use for certain projects. When you work with us, we offer you a satisfaction guarantee to give you the assurance that you can rely on our painters' skills and knowledge. We are fully insured.

We take pride in doing an excellent job every time. Our painters treat you, your office, your staff and your customers with the utmost respect and care. Since we understand that time is money, we also do our best to work around you or avoid your busiest times. Our painters often complete projects after business hours or on weekends to help you minimize any downtime, distractions and interruptions. We serve all types of commercial and medical offices throughout Bronx NY and nearby areas. These are some benefits of working with us:


•           Our team specializes in all types of wallcoverings and wall coatings.

•           We have a deep understanding of paint characteristics and properties.

•           Our team understands substrates and knows how to choose the right paint or coatings.

•           We use the latest technologies, equipment and techniques to work efficiently.

•           Our painters can work well in even the most challenging environments.

•           We only send painters who are fully vetted and are our own employees.

Our team will be happy to consult with you on paint colors, your scheduling needs and more. Please contact Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering for a free estimate on office painting in Bronx NY.

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