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in Bronx NY

Brighten Your Bronx NY Space with Commercial Interior Painting

Nothing gives you a bright new look like a fresh coat of paint. If your office or your industrial building interior needs commercial painting, call Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering. We specialize in transforming commercial spaces to make them look like new.

Commercial Painting Contractor in Bronx NY

Your business deserves the best. Your business image is important, and getting a beautiful interior is an investment that will pay off many times over. A clean, professional space show you care about your customers, workers and tenants.

When you choose to make a statement in your Bronx business, call us. We have the knowledge and experience to make your commercial space shine.

Bronx Commercial Painting Company

We Specialize in All Types of Commercial Interior Painting

We have painted the interiors of office buildings, hospitals, college dormitories, warehouses, retail stores, restaurants and commercial garages. We understand the special needs of different environments and ensure we always use the right paint for the right job.

Our services include selection of the best paints, primers and finishes for every job. We make sure our paint can stand up to everything that happens in your commercial or industrial space.

Why You Should Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor

When it’s time to freshen your space, it’s time to call a professional. When we restore your interior, we don’t just slap paint on the walls. We clean and prep every surface with care, adding fillers and spackles and starting with primer for a smooth, glossy finish.

Don’t DIY This

Some people mistakenly think they can do an interior paint job themselves. Here’s why it’s a smart idea to hire a commercial painting company instead.

Save time. Painting takes a long time. Devoting time to a DIY job takes away valuable time from your business. Most DIY paint jobs take twice as long as a professional job. Do you have that much spare time?

Get impressive results. Painting is difficult, and commercial interior painting requires highly specialized skills. If you don’t have those skills, your paint job will look sloppy and amateurish. If you want professional results, you need a commercial painting contractor.

Save money. If you’re spending your time painting, you’re taking time away from running your business. We know how to work efficiently, which means you get reduced downtime and no interference with your daily operations.

Don’t stress out. Painting is a stressful job. Let Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering take it on for you. You’ll end up saving time, money and headaches.

Commercial Interior Painting Bronx NY

How Our Commercial Painting Company Stands Out

When you’re looking for a commercial paint contractor in Bronx NY, you have a lot of choices. Here’s why Shamrock is the right call.

Time is money. We know you can’t shut your business down for days or weeks at a time while you’re remodeling. That’s why we work with your budget to schedule times that won’t interfere with your business operations. We work quickly to get you back in operation quickly.

We take safety seriously. We use paints that won’t leave lingering fumes in your workplace. Our paint crews follow all health and safety regulations.

Your schedule matters. We work around your schedule so you can continue running your business. If you need weekend or evening hours, we are happy to accommodate that request. We don’t waste your time by showing up late or unprepared to work. You can count on us to be ready to deliver the workmanship you expect.

We have experience in all commercial environments. We’re used to working in challenging situations that slow down less experienced painters. We use the paints, finishes and paint techniques that ensure your paint will stay looking bright and fresh.

Any job is the right size. We can handle jobs of any size, and we don’t turn down small jobs. We’re a small, independent business, and we understand your needs. We’ll produce a beautiful result whether you have one wall or a complex of buildings.

We leave it clean. When we finish every job, we make sure we clean up thoroughly. Our workers clean up after themselves and remove every spill. Your space will look bright and fresh.

How Shamrock Painting & Wallpapering Stands Out

We are a local company that has been in business since 1995. Our customers include high-end residential and commercial customers who can attest to our professionalism, attention to detail and outstanding service.

Our painters are:


•           Professionally trained experts.

•           Bonded and licensed.

•           Fully vetted and background checked.

•            Insured.

•            Highly professional.

We Only Use Our Own Paint Crews

Many paint companies use contracted workers to do their jobs. That’s not good enough for us—or our customers. When you work with us, we only use painters we’ve vetted, background checked and hired to work for us.

We know how hard it is to allow strangers into your business, office or residential building. That’s why we send hand-selected workers we know we can trust to deliver outstanding workmanship and great customer service.

Commercial Painters in Bronx NY

Experience Makes the Difference

We guarantee our work because we know we can deliver the commercial painting results you want. Don’t trust your interiors to painting contractors who don’t have the right commercial expertise. Our extensive experience means we use the latest painting techniques and have a full understanding of the qualities of paint.

We’ll select the right wall covers for every type of industrial, commercial building or store. Because we know the value of your time and money, we deliver every job on time and on your budget.

Get a Sharp New Image with Our Help

Shamrock Painting is your reliable commercial paint contractor. When you want your business to look its best, call us. We’ll be happy to provide a free estimate and show you why most of our customers give us five-star reviews. Contact us today.

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